Social Websites Development

Making your website more social is a good way to increase users traffic on the business you manage. Our services will bring you the desired results and a continuous flow of customers.

The social websites is a set of social relations that link people through the World Wide Web. The Social web encompasses how websites and software are designed and developed in order to support and foster social interaction. These online social websites interactions form the basis of much online activity including online shoppingeducationgaming and social networking websites. As people's activities on the social websites and communication increase, information about their social relationships become more available.

Social website high-development features

Both sides Backend and Frontend come with a lot of securely improved scripts developed and tested over 10 years like: 

  1. Secure login using https (Secure Hypertext Transfer Protocol)
  2. CSRF protection (Cross-Site Request Forgery)
  3. SQL Injection protection

Backend Login

  1. Add/Edit/Remove users with permissions for each module
  2. Admins logs for every connection that log IP, device, browser, color depth and others sensitive details

Backend CMS (Content Management System)

  1. Administration for all the important pages: Add, Edit, Delete, Upload files
  2. Easy and logic structure like Categories, Services, Products etc
  3. It is used very quickly and easily thanks to AJAX technology
  4. Advanced functionalities like Edit Inline, Select Inline, Drag and Drop Upload, Calendar date on click etc
  5. Save all form using Ajax with loader indicator
  6. List of items Sortable by column with search or select option for each column
  7. Advanced AJAX pagination with loading indicator
  8. Customizable validation fields in real time before saving for each edit or add form
  9. Important! Auto SEO corrections option for SEO on-page content

Backend ERP (Enterprise Resourcing Planning)

  1. Orders database administration like pending delivered etc
  2. Customers, Invoices database administration

Backend CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

  1. Email Newsletter with separate administrations for receivers, letters, and campaigns
  2. SMS Newsletter with separate administrations for receivers, letters, and campaigns
  3. Advancer filters by sex, birthday etc

Frontend features

  1. Advanced website security
  2. High-Performance like Google Page Speed options available
  3. Compatible with Google AMP and Google PWA technologies
  4. Automatically detect for duplicate pages with canonical link
  5. All forms like contact, register, log in with AJAX validations in real time
  6. Customizable form Backend header, footer, sidebar menu items with order or availability
  7. Alex filters like search, checkbox, select, radio etc


We can develop on demand any type of functionality.

The social websites are quickly becoming a way of life: many people visit social networking sites at least once per day, and in 2008 the average amount of time per visit to MySpace hovered around twenty-six minutes. The line between social networking and social media is becoming increasingly blurred as sites such as Facebook and Twitter further incorporate a photo, video, and other functionalities typical of social media sites into users public profiles, just as social media sites have been integrating features characteristic of social networking sites into their own online frameworks. One notable change that has been brought about by the merging of social networking/media is the transformation of social websites applications into egocentric software that put people at the center of applications. Websites that are not built around social interaction nevertheless add features that enable discussion and collaboration out of an interest in expanding their user bases—a trend that is projected to continue in the coming years. 

Many social websites use online social interaction to create a bridge to real life interaction. Relationships are formed between individuals via the internet and then become more personal through other forms of communication. Mobile social Web applications are built using various APIs. These APIs allow for the interaction and interconnection of data on one social database, be it Facebook, Twitter, or Google Account, thus creating a literal web of data connections. These applications then add to the user experience specific to the application itself.

Artists use the social Web to share their art, be it visual art on sites like deviantART, video art on YouTube, musical art on YouTube or iTunes, or physical art. Artists choose to post their art online so that they can gain critiques on their work, as well as just have the satisfaction of knowing others can experience and enjoy their work. With this social web generation, students spend more time using social tools like computers, video games, video cameras and cell phones. The lives of social web users are increasingly interconnected with their online profiles and accounts, such to the extent that many social networking and social media sites now offer support for mobile devices and internet phone connectivity. Popular social websites such Facebook Mobile, Twitter, and YouTube have led the way for other sites to enable their users to post and share new content with others, update their statuses and receive their friends' updates and uploaded content via mobile platforms.

We are ready to offer you positive results in your work and to prove that we are the team you need. We offer quality services to create the most enjoyable activity on your website.